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Create your perfect wig! Email an image of the look you'd like to after you've purchased and we'll do the rest. You can choose between a lace closure wig or a frontal wig. All wigs are machine or hand sewn on a stretchy wig cap, with combs and an elastic band for extra security.

Wig Details:

Hair: Virgin Hair

Closure: Medium brown

Unit can be ordered in any length up to 30".

Processing time:

Frontal: 2 - 3 weeks

Wig Care


Caring for your wig is pretty simple. To get the optimum longevity out of your wig and to keep it in prime condition, follow the maintenance instructions below.


  • Wash your wig on a weekly/bi monthly basis
  • Detangle your wig first by combing through with a wide tooth comb
  • Fill up your sink with warm/cold water, add shampoo directly to the hair. Wash wig throughly then empty the water in the sink. Rinse the wig with warm/cold water.
  • Pat dry with a towel
  • Add conditioner then detangle again with a wide tooth comb. Leave conditioner on for as long as you desire
  • Let the wig air dry


  • Always add a heat protector spray prior to styling 
  • Style as desired but try not to use heat on a high setting
  • If you can, opt for styling without heat or limit your heat usage to once a week if possible


  • If you choose to sleep with your unit wrap your hair with a silk scarf or cover your pillows with a silk pillow case
  • If you want to maintain your style for longer, store your wig on a mannequin head








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