Natural hair tips for your holiday

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One of the many thoughts that come to my mind when I book a holiday is always "What am I going to do with my hair??". With such a good routine in place at home doing anything else makes me slightly nervous. So here are a few tips to settle your mind and ease your holiday hair nerves. You'll have one less thing to worry about whilst you lay on the beach, cocktail in hand! 

Holiday Prep!

Transfer essential products

On a weekend break I usually just bring hand luggage, unfortunately this means you can't carry any containers that are bigger then 100ml. The best way to solve this problem is to transfer everything you need into travel sized bottles, you can buy these in most drugstores like boots or superdrug.

Check the weather

In different temperatures our hair needs different things. Find out what the temperature will be like during your stay so you have everything you need to keep your hair happy. A tip for cold weather is to make sure you moisturising everyday with a spray bottle or applicator.  A tip for hot weather is to invest in a great styling product that fights against humidity but moisturises at the same time.

Prepare your hair

Make sure you're hair is clean and deep conditioned a few days before the trip so you don't have to worry about treating it too much while you're away.

Protective styling

A protective style while on holiday will save your life. Like I mentioned before while you're at home you're used to your hair regime, day long wash days, letting your hair dry naturally, stretching process etc. So while you're away you don't want to have to think of all that. Get yourself a protective style like braids, twists, weave or a wig so you have ample time to enjoy your holiday without having to invest too much time in trying to maintain your natural tresses.

Not too fresh

If i'm opting for a protective style that involves braids I would personally get my hair done a few days before my holiday so it has some time to settle. When you're hair has just been done it can still be slightly tight so 2-3 days is enough time for it to be comfortable.


Whilst on holiday

Rinse out sea water

Sea salt is extremely drying for your hair so it's important to rinse it out if you've had a swim. Make sure it's conditioned afterwards. 

Spray bottle

Just like back at home I always carry a little spray bottle in my bag whilst on holiday so i can moisturise my hair on the go when it needs a little top-up. I use 7/8 water, 1/8 natural oil.

Sun protection

I'm the number one advocate for protecting your skin in the sun but most people don't realise your hair needs just as much protection, especially if it's coloured.  



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