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It's difficult to think back to a time when beauty wasn't a big part of the female lifestyle, we've all got a beauty product we absolutely swear by. With that in mind we thought we'd share some of our personal favs!

Benefit Curler Lash Mascara

Over the years I've been through many mascaras but I always come back to this one. I've heard from make-up artists that the brush itself is usually the most important part and this one does wonders. This formula doesn't clump and coats each lash like magic. I've been using this product since it came out and i'm yet to find another mascara that comes close to this one! 

Benefit Sun Beam Highlighter

Here's another Benefit product i've used for years. I use this as a highlighter or mix it with my foundation to give a beautiful summer glow. I think a gold undertone looks great on most skin tones and who doesn't love that 'Just got back from holiday' look!

Coconut oil

The trend of raw coconut oil over the years has gone crazy and for good reasons. The benefits of this oil are incredible. This product can be used for almost anything in terms of beauty. It's a great deep conditioner for your hair as well as a great make-up remover. If you don't have one of these in your home I suggest you run out now and get one. Do some research on some of the benefits and I promise you'll find a way to make coconut oil part of your beauty life.

Eos Lip Balm

Every women should have a good moisturising lip balm with them at all times, for me it's EOS. Many other lips balms don't actually allow moisture to absorb into your lips, what they actually do is coat your lips which still leaves them dry even though they look moisturised. Get one of these and believe me, you won't regret it!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Anyone who wears make-up knows that your skin + foundation are the canvas, they are the blank piece to which you create a masterpiece. 9 times out of 10 if you have great skin and a great foundation you're half way to make-up perfection. This is why I love double wear foundation by Estee Lauder! As well as lasting basically all day without a smudge it melts into your skin like butter which helps to create a flawless look. Personally I always spend a little money on foundation for this very reason, I just haven't found a drugstore brand that compares to this!

Wash Gloves 

For a lot of women their beauty regime starts with a shower and for me wash gloves definitely make wash time a lot easier. With wash gloves I can apply the perfect amount of pressure which is perfect for exfoliation and making sure you don't get things like ingrowing hairs.


NYX Matte Lip Cream

What I love most about the matte lips creams by NYX is the price. Who doesn't love a bargain! They're cheap but just as great as many of the other brands. They also have a wide range of colours so you're bound to find one you'll love!

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