5 tips to retain hair moisture!

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Sleep with a silk bonnet or scarf

This tip should never be missed. Cotton pillow cases absorb moisture, so if your hair isn't protected it will become very dry. Silk does the opposite, so wearing a silk bonnet at night will keep all the moisture in. If you don't like covering your hair you can also buy a silk pillow case.

Moisturise and seal

It's very important that any product you use to moisturise your hair should have water (aqua) as it's first ingredient. After this you should apply thicker products that help keep the moisture in. Below is an example of the LOC method (Liquid, oil, cream) But again this is an example, sometimes I only use liquids and oil. You know whats best for your hair so do what works for you.



Co-washing is a term which means "Conditioner washing" i.e. washing with conditioner. The ingredients in sulphate shampoos wash everything out of your hair including all your hairs natural goodness. So if you want to retain moisture add co-washing to your regime or start using a sulphate free shampoo. (Below is the conditioner I use to co-wash my hair)

Spray bottle

Adding products to your hair could cause a lot of build up which will eventually prevent you being able to add moisture to your hair. So a great idea is to keep a spray bottle in your bag that you can spritz when it feels a little dry. I use 1/8 Grapeseed oil, and 7/8 water. It's important that the formula is mainly water based. Some other ideas are aloe vera water, rose water or just plain water with any light oils. Explore and figure out what your hair loves.

Protective Styles

Similar to the silk bonnets, if your hair is covered then less moisture can leave your hair shaft. A protective style is a hair style that protects your hair (especially the ends). A few protective styles are wigs, braids, weaves, buns etc. However wearing a protective style doesn't mean you can relax on your natural hairs upkeep! With numerous products on the market specially formulated to support your maintenance routine you can wash, clean and moisturise your hair whilst in braids or cornrows....genius!

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  • I’ve never tried the creme of nature co-wash before, will give it a go.

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