Advantages of wearing a wig

May 19 2016 3 Comments Tags: Hair extensions, Hair Journey, Natural Hair, Wigs

Although the majority of my customers are regular wig wearers, from time to time I get questions from ladies who are completely new to the whole wig thing. As I do tend to get a lot of these questions I thought it'd be good to do a blog post on the advantages of wearing a unit (wig).

Sooo the perks of wearing a wig are....

  1. Convenient - If you're quite an active person or someone who likes to maintain regular hair treatments, wearing a wig is the perfect option. You never have to worry about your scalp getting hot and sweaty underneath your weave or having to wait long periods before you can treat your own hair.
  2. Good protective style - Sewin's back to back can thin out your hair and edges over time, whereas wigs give your hair a proper break.
  3. No Commitment - With wigs you're not tied down to a particular style, parting, colour, length or hair type.
  4. Versatile - You're free to change your hairstyle as much as you like without it being detrimental to your own hair. Who wants the same look for months on end if you can help it?
  5. Saves you money - It really does when you think about it. I have clients who have had their wigs going on two years, thats a lot of money saved on sewins over that period. It's definitely an investment.
  6. Easy to maintain - As you can take the unit off when you want, hairstyles not only last longer but are easier to maintain.
  7. Instant style in a box - Nothing better than that really

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  • It was really nice to know that by wearing wigs, you’ll have the freedom to change your hairstyle as much as you want without causing damages to your hair. My sister and I love to have different looks every month. We don’t want to damage our own hair because of the continues hairstyle changes that we do, so we’ll make sure to consider shopping for wigs.

    Bethany Griffin on
  • What appealed to the most in your blog is when you talked about how you can have the freedom to change your hairstyle as much as you like without having to worry about harming your hair by using a wig. This really sounds perfect to me because I’ve been wanting to sport different hairstyle and color to ensure that I won’t look the same and plain all the time. It will absolutely be great for me to ensure that the wig that I will consider is made out of natural hair for a natural looking hair. Thanks for sharing this.

    Latoya Anderson on
  • I love that wigs allow you to have a different style of hair as well as a different color. Dying your hair can be so damaging and ultimately ruin your nice hair. I like that wigs allow you to change up your hair color without the commitment!

    Kendall Ryder on

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