Wig VS Sewin

May 19 2016 0 Comments Tags: Hair extensions, Wigs

The big debate....I'm sure you're thinking i'm going to be quite biased right?

Seeing as I own a wig company I’m obviously going to be an advocate for wigs. Well you're right……but thats only because I truly believe wigs are more beneficial for your own hair long term. I can definitely say this from personal experience.

In my early 20’s I use to wear sew-ins back to back ( probably a couple of weeks off in-between max). I loved having my weave freshly done and changing my look every eight to twelve weeks. Fast forward a few years and I noticed my hair didn't have the fullness and the strength it used to ( my natural hair is very thick). I remember my hair dresser ( who did my natural hair at the time) telling me 'you know you're meant to take a few months break in-between each sew-in right?’. I remember thinking ‘really? What am I meant to do with my hair in-between, there’s only so many times I can rock the same high bun hairstyle’. Taking a substantial break in between my sew-ins was news to me at the time, something nobody tells you when you’re getting your sew-in done.

So I decided to just start again and go short, so I got a pixie cut. After a long while of having my hair short I started getting bored and wanted some length again, wasn’t going to go back to sew-ins at this point, so I needed an alternative. Coincidently after that I was at a video shoot casually chatting with one of the models, I mentioned how nice her hair was and she told me it was a wig. I looked at her hair real hard and was like ‘ wig? where??’ so she showed me. Was literally converted from that day, that was four years ago, haven’t had a sewin since.

The reason I prefer wigs to sew-ins is quite simple, it offers me the flexibility of changing my look as often as I want whilst still protecting my natural hair, giving me the opportunity to maintain my weekly hair routine. I've listed the advantages of wearing a wig in another article so I won't list them again, but if you're curious, definitely check it out. All in all I think the negative connotations usually attributed to wigs is slowly changing especially with it being assimilated more and more into popular culture. My thought on it has and will always be the same, if it looks good and doesn't damage my own hair, i'm all for it.

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