Let's tame those edges..

May 19 2016 0 Comments Tags: Hair Products

A neat edge and a neat part completes a hairstyle for me. Much like with fashion, a good dress on its own is just a good dress. A good dress with the right accessories however becomes something special. To me neat partings and neat edges are much like accessories, they add to the hairstyle and give it that extra something.

So, the products.

When it comes to taming edges, there’re a few options available. You’ve got the stick, the pomade and the gel. The stick is usually a solid wax substance which can be quite greasy but offers substantial hold. The gel is water based but offers great hold when dry, however it can leave your hair hard and flaky. The pomade is wax like but softer in texture, most pomades contain nourishing oils so they also add some shine as well as light hold, without the hardness and flakiness of a gel. 

Below are a handful pomades I’ve tried and tested...

1. Soft & Beautiful Botanicals 
Ultra Nourishing Edges
Size: 2.25 oz
Consistency: Soft
Scent: Delicate fruit scent
Pro: Smells good
Con: Greasy
Hold Rating:  2/10
2. Hawaiian Silky hydrating sleek
Sleek edge
Size 2.25 oz
Consistency: Medium
Scent: Tangerine & Citrus
Pro: Gives immediate hold
Con: Hold doesn't last very long
Hold Rating: 4/10

3. Creme of Nature perfect edges
Size: 2.25 oz
Consistency: Medium
Scent: A warm slightly perfumed scent
Pro: Instant hold, contains argan oil which
can help treat spilt ends and tame frizzy hair
Con: Honestly, cant think of one
Hold Rating: 7/10

4. Dr Miracles edge holding gel
Size: 2.25 oz
Consistency: Medium
Scent: Sharp apple scent
Pro: Holds the longest
Con: Does build up after a few days,
leaving a white residue.
Hold Rating: 7/10

5. Total Transformations
Hicks Edges
Price: £15
Size: 4 oz
Consistency: Medium
Scent: Tropical fruit scent
Pro: You get double the amount of product as its 4 oz.
Con: The price
Hold Rating: 7/10 

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