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Curly hair extensions are definitely my favourite type of hair extension. I love the variety available when it comes to curl types and the volume the curls bring. However with curly hair comes a catch..........
.....daily maintenance, but the results are ALWAYS worth it.

Now us seasoned weave wearers know they're nothing worse than dead looking/matted/stiff hair extensions ( no one wants to be about that life, its 2015). So because of this we'll always do whatever it takes to have our weave looking salon fly. Yes, everyone has their own methods when it comes to maintenance but I've figured out the best method that works for me which helps keep my curls bouncy and defined and isn't so reliant on a particular brand of product. I've outlined the method I often use below.

What you'll need:
Spray bottle
Leave in conditioner (whichever brand you prefer)
Light hair oil (whichever brand you prefer)

1. Fill the spray bottle with 1/3 leave in conditioner and the rest water.
2. Spray a liberal amount throughout your hair, section off areas to get good coverage.
3. Finger comb your hair from root to tip.
4. Go over each section with a light oil ( nothing too heavy as this can weigh down the hair), this will seal in the moisture from the water/leave in conditioner.

And thats literally it, if you get trigger happy and spray too much water/leave in conditioner, just let it air dry for a bit before leaving the house. You should be left with a head full of defined curls.

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